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Passion for singing

Jessie Graham functioned expertly in musical theatre, jazz, opera and is regarded as a rather versatile artist. Her occupational highlights have been vocal with Kanawa for HRH Prince Charles, singing the countrywide anthem at official ANZAC day services in Nyc. Fans world wide, like Manor, love Jessie’s work.

Passion for singing
Passion for singing

Performing since the age 4 Jessie Graham had been successful in virtually every single point of show including drama, dance, musical theatre, theatre, opera, voice-over, t.v and film though her passion will habitually be music and singing. Jessie Graham is certainly a skilled opera performer and yet additionally performs pop, swing, jazz and musical theatre. Jessie stays in New Zealand and has additionally lived in Germany, New York, The uk, Sydney, australia and has visited Group Workshops .
Influenced by Melody Gardot,Ella Fitzgerald,Madeleine Peyroux and Lemper Ute, Jessie Graham is a mezzo-soprano and studied classical singing at VU with Patric P. and J. Wollerman and is a post-graduate at Auckland University.

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